About Us

Shaaray Tefila is a community institution serving its members and the residents of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway. It is a dignified and welcoming makom tefilah and a place of torah learning. We offer a wide variety of youth and education programs.

We welcome new members and encourage you to join us. Contact our shul office for more information.

  • 3 Daily and shabbas morning minyanim
  • Daily mincha and 3 maariv minyanim
  • Regular weekly shiurim
  • Weekly TCN video shiurim
  • Daf Yomi
  • Bais Medrash Zichron Alter with an extensive library of sefarim
  • R’ Shmuel Bergmann Torah library
  • Early morning kollel
  • Evening Kollel and chavrusa learning
  • Youth program including shabbas groups, youth minyanim, trips, learning programs, gym, and little league
  • Judaica book lending library
  • Scholars in Residence shabbasim
  • Extensive elegant catering facilities for bris’im, kiddushim, breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, bar/ bas mitzvahs and others uses
  • Active Sisterhood
  • Chevra Kadisha
  • Annual Chai Dinner
  • Pesach Matzoh baking


Rabbi Uri Orlian Rabbi Emeritus
Rabbi Walter S. Wurzburger Z”TLPresident
Yaakov MelmedChairman of the Board
Martin KleinVice Presidents
David Eisig
Mark Gold
R’ Elozor Kanner
Motty Klein
Shimon Laufer
Avi Lazar
Avrohom Farber Assistant Treasurer
David Weinstein Secretary
Hillel Axelrod Youth Director
R’ Avrohom Walkin Office Staff
Mrs Zelman, Mrs Solow, Mrs GarfinkelChazan
Yitzchak Freund